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Affiliate Terms and Conditions

To be an authorized affiliate of HoodiaXr.com, you agree to abide by all the terms and conditions contained in this agreement.

Please read this agreement carefully before registering and using the HoodiaXr.com service as an affiliate. By signing up for the HoodiaXr.com affiliate program, you indicate your acceptance of this agreement and its terms and conditions:

Hoodia XR Affiliate Program Details
HoodiaXR.com Terms and Conditions
HoodiaXR.com Affiliate Program - Supplemental Terms and Conditions:

In consideration for Your participation in the Affiliate Program (the "Program") maintained by HoodiaXR.com ("Hoodia XR), you agree to comply with these Terms and Conditions ("Terms and Conditions").

Us ,Our or We= HoodiaXr.com, Great Herbal Labs, Webpro Marketing LLC

You or your = The affiliate, the agent, or anyone else deemed appropriate for this category by Us.

(1) Hoodia XR Trademarks:
You will not use in your domain name or URL (specifically, any term before the third "/" of your URL) nor purchase or register in any search, referral, or advertising service (such as Google's AdWords program) any of the following terms:

a. Any domestic or international Hoodia XR or Great Herbal Labs company trademarks, and all translations thereof, including "HoodiaXr", "Hoodia XR", "Great Herbal Labs" or any URL or keyword string that includes Great Herbal Labs company names (for example, www.yourcompany-hoodiaxr.com).

b. Variations of any Great Herbal Labs company trademarks (for example, "Great Herbal", "hoodiaxr.com", "www.hoodiaxr.com", "hoodia.xr.com" or any derivative that could be deemed as a violation of this policy.
* Please note: this is not an exhaustive list of prohibited words, phrases, or combinations thereof. If you are unsure contact us and we will clarify.

(2) Unacceptable terms:
You shall not purchase or register search engine keywords, AdWords, search terms or other identifying terms that HoodiaXR.com considers in its sole discretion to fall into any of the following categories:
- Promote erroneous claims
- Claims to cure or treat any diseases
- Promote illegal activities
- Infringe upon others' intellectual property rights

(3) Tracking Tags:
As part of the Program, We may provide you with tools, products, and creative assets (collectively, "Assets") that include information that helps track Transactions generated by You and attribute them to Your Account. You will use each of these Assets only in their intended manner as instructed by us, and will not corrupt, modify, or disable them. You will not deliver any HoodiaXr-related cookies or other tracking tags to the computers of users that are merely viewing your advertisements or while Your applications are merely active or open.

(4) Compensation:
For each transaction, you will be compensated in accordance with the then-current Payout schedule for Transactions on the HoodiaXR.com site. To qualify as a payable transaction, a user must take an affirmative action, clicking on your properly-coded link in a browser or browser environment and the order completed and shipped. Returns and cancellations will be adjusted accordingly.

>>> Payments are made on the 15th of each month for the previous months sales. A minimum of $100 (usd) must be achieved before the affiliate receives a commission payment.

a) Items listed on Froogle (or any of its successor sites) are excluded from Commission-Earning Activity.

b) We reserve the right to delay your compensation if there is a suspicion of bad faith associated with any transaction driven by you.

c) We reserve the right to delay your compensation if you are suspected of causing users non-compliance with our User Agreement (e.g. causing unpaid items, spam emails, etc.).

d) Affiliates purchasing product/s under their affiliate account will not be paid for said purchases.

(5) Your Responsibility for Your Affiliates:
You will not make any commitments or representations on behalf of us with regard to any relationship you enter into with Your Sub-Publishers, Distribution Partners, or any other third parties (collectively, "Affiliates") in connection with your promotion of any of our websites. You will ensure that Your Affiliates agree to terms and conditions that are at least as restrictive as this agreement and these Terms and Conditions, subject to applicable law, and shall include a provision in such terms and conditions that HoodiaXR.com is a third party beneficiary. Any violation by Your Agents of the terms and conditions of this Agreement shall constitute a violation by you, and HoodiaXR.com shall have full recourse against You with respect to such a violation, including without limitation, suspension or termination from the Program and forfeiture of any commissions due.

(6) Disclaimer of Warranties:

(7) Email Promotion / ANTI-SPAM Policy:
YOU AGREE NOT TO SEND SPAM EMAILS in your promotion of HoodiaXR.com. Authorization and approval of email marketing includes additional terms and conditions to which you must agree before such promotion begins and you must receive written permission from HoodiaXR.com. All complaints of spam emails will be investigated. Any and all affiliates who send spam email will have their accounts terminated and all commissions will be forfeited. In addition, if we conclude that you have used illegal spam email marketing Hoodiaxr.com will report you as a spammer. DO NOT SPAM!!

(8) Global Compliance:
Any infractions of these terms and conditions will be monitored and enforced globally. Violations in one country program will be counted equal with violations in all other country programs with which you or your Affiliated are affiliated.

(9) Publisher's Indemnification Obligations:
You will defend, indemnify, and hold each HoodiaXR.com, Great Herbal Labs and Webpro Marketing LLC harmless against all claims, liabilities, and expenses claimed or incurred by third parties directly or indirectly as a result of any breach of these terms and conditions, and/or distribution or use of applications or content by You, Your Agents, or anyone else that you are affiliated with. Jurisdiction for disputes: All disputes will be settled within the local Louisiana court system.

(10) Content / Copyright:
You will not copy / plagiarize ANY content from the HoodiaXR.com website. Content is electronically monitored for violations. An affiliate resource center will be provided with free content for use in the promotion of HoodiaXR.


(11) Remedy for Breach:
If you breach any of these terms, in addition to any other available remedies, HoodiaXR.com reserves the right to remove you from the Program immediately, withhold or recover any compensation for transactions not in compliance with these terms, and seek removal of any search terms registered or purchased in violation of the terms.

(12) Amendments:
HoodiaXR.com may amend these Terms and Conditions at any time by notifying you through email, or mail sent to your address of record. You may review any revised Terms and Conditions for up to seven days after HoodiaXR.com sends its notice. After seven days, the revised terms will automatically take effect and become fully enforceable. If you do not agree with the revised Terms and Conditions, You will remove yourself from the Program through Your Account and remove and stop promoting any Hoodia XR / Great Herbal Labs Links.

(13) Understand & Accept:
By clicking on the "Sign Up Now" link below, you are acknowledging that you can read and understand the English language and you are agreeing to be bound to these Terms and Conditions unconditionally. If you do not understand or agree to ALL of the terms and conditions of these Terms and Conditions, click the "CLOSE" button.

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