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How Hoodia Works

The Bushmen of the Kalahari believed that hoodia was a gift from the gods. The life of a Bushman is a simple one. One can easily see how someone who lived in the desert would believe something that had the power to make hunger and thirst disappear was surely a gift from a higher power. However when the South African government studied the foods the Bushmen ate, they looked for a more scientific answer.

Hoodia works by tricking your brain into thinking you recently have eaten. The molecule responsible for this is named P57. It is named P57 because it was the 57th compound tested by Phytopharm PLC, the owner of its patent. The P57 molecule mimics the action of glucose in the brain. Glucose is a simple sugar present in your blood. After eating the level of glucose in your blood rises sharply, this increase signals to your brain that you are full. Hoodia's P57 molecule acts similarly to glucose in that it stimulates the same receptor sites in the brain as glucose, this results in you feeling full and satisfied.

The main effects of hoodia occur in the hypothalamus. Among other things, the hypothalamus is responsible for cravings, hydration, feeding reflexes (gag's, etc.), and your metabolism. The image to the right is a picture of the human brain. The hypothalamus is located near the center of the brain, we have identified it for your convenience. Hoodia actively works in the brain to destroy your desire to overeat by stimulation of the hypothalamus. *

After you take hoodia for a few days, you begin to feel full from eating a very small amount of food compared to what you would normally eat. This appetite suppression and shrinking of the stomach allow you to lose weight with hoodia.

With a decrease in your calorie intake, and the continuance of your normal activities you will naturally lose weight without unwanted side effects. The amount of weight you lose will increase if, in addition to taking Hoodia XR 1000mg tablets three times a day, you increase your exercise levels as well as eating healthy and light meals.

You can read about the History of Hoodia Gordonii or check our Hoodia Frequently Asked Questions section for more information about the benefits of Hoodia Gordonii.

Customer Testimonial:

"I usually think about food all day long. I keep snacks in my desk, in my purse, and in my car. Since taking Hoodia XR, my constant snacking has remarkably decreased. I'm losing weight and telling friends."
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