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More Customer Testimonials:

"HooodiaXR.com is wonderful and gives me so much energy. I have lost 20 lbs in less than 3 months." - S.F.

"I have not been taking HoodiaXR very long - 2 weeks but I have lost 12 pounds and feel great. Drinking water as you recommend is a good idea. I feel comfortably full and my appetite is sated. No side effects I know of either. I will be happy to continue this program until I drop 25 lbs....then I'll make adjustments. Good stuff!" - L.S.l

"I have been taking HoodiaXR for one month. I have Lost 10 pounds and feel really GOOD. I do not think about food between meals. Before I always wanted something, and I never felt satisfied. When my stomach is empty, it is time to eat. I am able to eat small portions and not leave the table hungry. I would not take diet supplements before because they were addictive, Hoodia XR is not. and I feel I can keep taking it with no side effects as long as I want to." - M.M.

"After less than one month, I have lost five pounds. I am experiencing a
wonderful feeling of wellness. During meals, I eat about half my usual portion. I
am then surprised that I just don't feel like eating any more. It's a good
feeling! I recently attended a large party, celebrating four birthdays, one
graduation and Father's Day for five Dads. I wasn't even tempted to eat any
of the high calorie snacks available. I know that I'm finally on the right
path to healthy, slim fitness. Thanks, HoodiaXr!" - P.T.

"I have only been taking hoodia Xr for about 2 weeks and have lost 5 lbs. I don't get jittery like other weight loss pills or so hyper you can't sleep. It just helps curb your appetite so I feel full faster. I will continue taking hoodia Xr until I reach my goal weight and probably keep some around if I gain a little after. Thanks!" - M.F.

"Well, I had ordered two bottles of the weight loss supplement. I feel that with the
workouts it was starting to become effective. The only problem is that I also think that I needed to maybe increase my intake of them but was not sure if it was safe. I felt better taking these then I have in the past with metabolife. Thank You" E.L.

"I absolutely love Hoodia XR. Every weight loss supplement I have used in
the past has always made me feel odd in one way or another. Hoodia has no
bad side effects that I have noticed. My appetite went way, way down, I am
able to stick to a low calorie, healthy diet and never feel tired. In two
weeks, I've lost about 7 lbs; my goal is 15 lbs so I'm sure I'll get there.
Once I reach that goal, I'll continue to use Hoodia XR to maintain my weight" - K.R.

"As I'm sure you have heard many times before,” I didn't think this product could do what it said it could". Boy was I wrong! I actually look forward to getting up everyday, and the first thing I do is take my HoodiaXR. I like having energy and knowing I don't have to have that extra serving of anything. I've lost 6lbs in 3 weeks and it is staying off. I feel I can project myself a lot better to my colleagues at work and I feel better doing it too. Thanks HoodiaXR." - B.S.

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